Extended Harmonies & Popular Chords

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This lesson is part of the Fundamentals of Twelve-Tone Equal Temperament category.


  • Students will be familiar with naming conventions for popular chords and extended harmonies in different systems.
  • Students will be able to derive a chord given a chord name or symbol in different systems.
  • Student will be able to notate chords in slash, lead sheet, and figured bass notation
  • Focus on: extended chord types (9ths, 11ths, 13ths), add2, add4, suspended, powers, 6 chords.



Class Activities[edit]

  • Discussion and definition of popular chord types versus classical naming conventions
  • Discussion and definition of extended harmonies and popular/jazz naming conventions
  • Construction and performance of a given popular chord or extended harmony


  • Writing popular chords and extended harmonies
  • Identifying popular chords and extended harmonies
  • Identifying and naming chords in different stylistic contexts (i.e. inverted 7th versus 6 chord)