Introduction to Melodic Harmonization

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This lesson is part of the Fundamentals of Twelve-Tone Equal Temperament category.


  • Student will be able to harmonize simple melodies on the piano using Tonic, Subdominant, and Dominant triads (in major and minor keys)
  • Student will learn how to create different harmonization textures for keyboard writing (focus on: arpeggios, Alberti bass, block-chord textures)
  • Student will become familiar with the notion of implied harmony
  • Student will learn the concept of harmonic rhythm



Class Activities[edit]

  • Demonstration of harmonizations for a familiar tunes (i.e. Happy Birthday) with different chord textures/rhythms
  • Discussion of implied harmonies and harmonic rhythm
  • Harmonization of melodies examples using I, IV, V


  • Harmonization of melodies using I, IV, V
  • Embellishment of harmonic textures given a chord progression