Introduction to Music & Music Theory

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This lesson is part of the Fundamentals of Sound & Music module.


  • Student will understand the general features of music theoretical study and its utility in musical practice and analysis.
  • Student will be introduced to musical practice as a philosophical and cultural practice encompassing sound, emotion, and behavior.
  • Student will identify the basic components of musical sound: pitch (melody vs. harmony), texture, rhythm/meter (duration), timbre.
  • Student will be able to critically assess the differences between sound, silence, music, language, and noise.



Instructor References[edit]

Class Activities[edit]

  • Discussion of music theory, ear training, and context within students' educations.
  • Comparison of music theory versus musicology and ethnomusicology.
  • Student-led discussion regarding musical features ("What is music? What features does music have?").
  • Listening list exercise: Listen to various musical examples. Ask students what they find interesting about the sound, what features stand out, is it music?