Large Forms

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This lesson is part of the Rhythm, Meter & Form category.


  • Students will be familiar with common large forms such as sonata allegro, da capo aria, and march form.
  • Students will be familiar with macroformal structures such as song cycles, operas, oratorios, musicals, and concept albums.



Class Activities[edit]

  • Discussion and definition of the concept of formal analysis, and of common large-scale forms
  • Formal analysis of music in different genres and time periods
  • Creation of a compositional formal blueprint based around two or three given melodies or motives


  • Comprehension questions
  • Formal analysis of written and recorded music
  • Creation of a formal blueprint for a piece to meet given criteria


  • Formal Analysis: Piano Sonata in C minor, K. 457 by W. A. Mozart (Finale | MusicXML | PDF)