Loudness & Dynamics

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This lesson is part of the Fundamentals of Sound & Music module.


  • Student will understand the relationship between perceived loudness and amplitude
  • Student will understand how pitch and amplitude interact to create perceived loudness
  • Students will understand how amplitude relates to the aural concept of volume and in turn, notated dynamics
  • Student will understand the scale derivation of decibels
  • Student will be able to visualize amplitude and loudness on oscilloscopes and spectrograms
  • Student will be able to notate various dynamic levels




Class Activities[edit]

  • Discussion and definition of wave amplitude, loudness, and dynamics
  • Discuss various types of dynamics and relative contrasts
  • Demonstration of loudness graph via online hearing test
  • Decibel derivation
  • Performance of music with various dynamics, shown on oscilloscope/spectrogram


  • Loudness graph (hearing-test online)