Pitch Notation

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This lesson is part of the Fundamentals of Twelve-Tone Equal Temperament category.


  • Students will be able to notate, name, and play (on a keyboard) a pitch in treble, alto, tenor, or bass clef.
  • Student will be able to name notes using American note notation and/or octave notation
  • Student will be able to identify notes on a piano keyboard
  • Student will be able to identify pitches given the European solfege name or integer notation
  • Student will understand difference between pitches, octaves, chroma, and pitch classes




Class Activities[edit]

  • Discussion of the symbology of pitch in staff notation
  • Discussion of notation using integer notation
  • Discussion of Fixed Do Solfège
  • Construction and performance of written melodies
  • Melodic transcription of short excerpts of music from different genres and time periods


  • Transcription of a given written melody to different modalities (other clef, integer, solfege notations)
  • Notating enharmonics