Solfège Systems

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This lesson is part of the Fundamentals of Twelve-Tone Equal Temperament category.


  • Student will understand the difference between fixed do and moveable do
  • Student will understand the difference between moveable do-based and (la)-based systems
  • Students will be able to label diatonic melodies (major, minor, and modal) with various solfège systems
  • Students will be able to label chromatic melodies with moveable do-based solfege
  • Students will learn Kodaly/Curwen handsignals for solmization
  • Students will comprehend the benefits and drawbacks of each system
  • Students will be introduced to Indian and Maqam solmization



Instructor References[edit]

Class Activities[edit]

  • Explanation of fixed and moveable do systems using major scales and melodies
  • Explanation of fixed, moveable do-based and la-based minor systems with a minor scale/melody
  • Explanation of systems using modal melodies
  • Singing of short melodic excerpts with different solmizations
  • Singing of melodies from solfege (no notation)
  • Demonstration/contrast of tonal systems using Indian and Maqam solmizations


  • Labeling of melodic segments with solfège