The Music Business

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This lesson is part of the Style & Compositional Techniques category.


  • Students will be familiar with various elements of the the record industry.
  • Students will understand the mechanics and politics of music establishments such as Spotify.
  • Students will be familiar with the influences business practices and societal pressures have on songwriting.
  • Students will be familiar with intellectual property law, including copyright, licensing and royalties.



Listening or Videos[edit]


Class Activities[edit]

  • Discussion and exploration of the record industry and the various roles played within it
  • Case studies of styles and genres of artists who have moved into or away from corporate influence



  • Matching Industry Roles with Descriptions (Word | Pages | PDF)


While this lesson might feel like overreach for a Music Theory class, I think it addresses an important aspect of how music is made, and reinforces the idea that music creation is more than just writing notes.