Video Game Music

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This lesson is part of the Style & Compositional Techniques category.


  • Students will be familiar with the compositional processes involved in writing for film, video, and video games
  • Students will be able to create a sequenced track which underscores a short video scene
  • Students will be able to plan a soundtrack for a limited video game segment with different possible player actions or movements



Listening or Videos[edit]

  • Reale, "Variations on a Theme by a Rogue A.I.: Music, Gameplay, and Storytelling in Portal 2" (Part 1 | Part 2)

Class Activities[edit]

  • Discussion of the mechanics and compositional challenges of scoring video games
  • Sketching a compositional plan for a short video game segment


  • Analysis of music from one or more video games
  • Design a group of musical cells for a generative application